Our coffee cart has a lot of amazing features. Read on to find out more!


The Cart

A complete Cafe on a bike. We can customize our setup for any type of event. Whether that be boxes of pastries, custom flavorings, or even holiday extras. Our standard cart setup comes with Hot Coffee with creamers, sugars, stir sticks, lids, etc. The great thing about our cart is that we can customize our set up to your hearts desire.


The Kegerator

Our kegerator holds and can pour up to four kegs at the same time. It pours Cold Brew and Kombucha in two different ways. Cold brew is infused with Nitro and is served through a chrome stout faucet. Nitro coffee from a stout faucet pours rich and creamy like a glass of Guinness. We infuse our kombucha with CO2 and serve it through perlick flow-control faucets making it fizzy. Enjoy these drinks over ice....or not...any time of the year!